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My experience has been great with this pharmacy! Both my daughter and husband have required prescriptions filled lately and Abhi has gone above and beyond to make the process of changing pharmacies so easy and effortless while continually keeping us informed on the status of our prescriptions. For example, my daughter needed an oral suspension of medication that he did not have in stock but he went above and beyond searching for this medication so he could supply it to us within the same day. Additionally, he was able to get my husband’s prescription filled much sooner than our regular pharmacy would have (keeping in mind that the doctor’s office sent the prescription to our old pharmacy first). The customer service here has been a pleasure to deal with! I would definitely recommend this pharmacy!

Ashley Buvanendran

“We were the first customer this morning. Abhishek is great. I highly recommend this pharmacy. He is moving our subscriptions over from Shoppers and filling our vacation prescriptions. Would you rather support a rich family like the Weston’s by going to Shoppers or a local family pharmacy? I would get there quick before the word gets out!”

-George Shafer


Abhi’s interpersonal skills are light years ahead of those of other pharmacists I have encountered. These coupled with his commitment to personalized service have made him my go-to pharmacist.

Pat Bradley-White

Abhishek Patel is a pharmacist/owner and is passionate about providing excellent service to the community. Prescription transfers are seamless. We highly recommend supporting his independent business where you are not just a credit or debit card.

Keith and Joanne


I recently transferred my prescriptions to the Almonte Pharmacy and Health Centre from a major box store.
My experience dealing with a huge retailer was, to say the least, disappointing as I felt anonymous and my concerns about how they dispensed my medication fell on deaf ears.
My experience with the Almonte Pharmacy and Health Centre was the happy opposite!
I received superb service and they were happy to do all the legwork required to switch my prescriptions, all the while communicating with me and offering sound advice.
I am happy to support this local business!

Laurel Skinner

Hello, FoMM Group!
My wife and I are new to Almonte but have been here dozens of times over the past 5 years. Love it. Love the folks. Just want to give a Very BIG SHOUT OUT to Almonte Pharmacy & Health Centre We got our Booster shots yesterday at Almonte Pharmacy & Health Centre Very friendly, welcoming, warm, funny and professional Pharmacist. I’m not a fan of needles, but Mr. Patel made sure everything went well. Nice to meet you, Sir. We shall be back for different things and shared humour.

-Pete Skellen


I just stopped there for the first time. Friendly and knowledgeable pharmacist. I will be back! Thank you!!

Caro Cutts

Almonte has a new pharmacy in town. The owner is amazing😊 I highly recommend checking it out.

– April Morin


My family, including my extended family, have our prescriptions filled at Almonte Pharmacy and Health Centre.  Mr. Patel is kind, knowledgeable, and skilled.  He is interested in serving the health needs of our community and is invested in those he serves. Thank you for your personable service – it is very much appreciated

Krista Margaret McKay

This morning we spent some time at a local independent pharmacy.  Almonte Pharmacy & Health Centre where we met Abhishek Patel, the pharmacist/owner, for the first time. The transfer of prescriptions was seamless and we certainly will enjoy the personal service that he will provide us. He is passionate about serving the community. This independent local pharmacy needs to be supported by our growing community.

-Laurel Skinner


I had such a wonderful interaction this morning with my new pharmacist, Abhishek Patel. Abhi was so kind. I asked him if I might be able to shift my prescriptions to his shop. He was enthusiastic and listened to my gentle frustrations about my previous pharmacy interactions. He said he would absolutely call the pharmacy where I had my prescriptions filled and get things sorted and let me know.
15 minutes later Abhi called me to let me know he had my medication at the store and I could come back and pick it up, or come grab it the next day. That he’d just need me to bring in my insurance. I told him I was just about to have dinner and decorate the tree, and he wished me a good evening. I went to the Almonte Pharmacy the next day, walked in and was greeted (by name!) by Abhi. Not only had he gotten my medication, but he’d also sorted out my insurance and had my prescription ready on the desk waiting for me. We talked about the challenges of building a new business and the effects of genuinely caring about the people who visit. He told me that he’d left his big box store because he wanted to deliver an individualized experience, and genuinely cared about the folks he was working with. When I decided to move back to a small town it was this sort of interaction I’d been craving. Abhi cares so much. I can see his heart on his sleeve and it’s such a good heart.
My prescription is filled and so is my cup.

Danielle Gregoire

Good news story. I needed some medicine and decided to try out the new pharmacy in the little mall on Houston Drive. Almonte Pharmacy & Health Centre. Everyone in Mississippi Mills loves the small-time feel of our area and this place has it in abundance. The owner came from behind the desk and served me personally. I talked to him about my prescription needs and he was very helpful and knowledgeable. He asked if there was anything special he would like me to carry and was very eager to hear my opinion. I left the store with a smile on my face. Great job Almonte Pharmacy, I will definitely return. Thanks for being so caring.

-Tracy Stimpson


Recently I discovered a new Pharmacy that has opened in Almonte….I have had the opportunity to use their service and I just wanted to say how delighted I am.
Not only is the Pharmacist knowledgeable and helpful…. but he is also extremely caring and kind!
I’m so happy to live in a community that attracts this kind of business owner!

-Nancy Rae

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