Licensed pharmacist with over five years of experience providing top-notch pharmacy services in a retail setting, Outstanding interpersonal skills with a track record of establishing positive relationships with customers, pharmaceutical representatives/manufacturers, medical professionals, healthcare organizations and insurance providers. Dedicated to providing quality patient care as well as fast and accurate medication dispensing.

What we are best at?

  • Licensed to practice with Ontario college of pharmacist
  • We provide education on travel immunizations based on your travel destinations, also we can inject your travel vaccine here.
  • Detail counselling on prescription medications, over the counter medication as well as self-care measures based on your health conditions
  • Patient care by assessing on minor ailment conditions and appropriate recommendation.
  • Full knowledge of the expanded scope of practice of pharmacists For example, if you ran out of your regular medications for your chronic conditions, we can help you to renew you refills until you see your doctor or until your doctor provide more refills. This is just one example we can do way more than this under expanded scop to help you stay healthy
  • Expert Knowledge and experience in methadone Compounding and dispensing